To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center , Lo Specchio, the Sunday magazine of La Stampa, one of the best-known and most widely sold Italian daily newspapers, published Allan Tannenbaum's photo story, 9/11 - Still Killing.

Second double page: Volunteer Fire Chief Thomas Harrigan, in the hospital with heart and other problems, volunteered at Ground Zero. Miami, FL, 5/4/2006; Mercedes Burgos worked as a cleaner after 9/11 in buildings around Ground Zero including the Deutsche Bank Building. She is now homebound except for visits to the doctor. At home in New York, NY, 5/23/2006; Iron-worker John Sferazo now must take over 20 prescription medicines due to his work at Ground Zero. At home in Manhasset, NY, 5/15/2006; Demolition supervisor turned advocate John Feal lost half a foot in an accident at Ground Zero. At home in Nesconset, NY, 5/15/2006.

Third double page: NYC Paramedic Marvin Bethea with the medicines he now must take after getting buried in debris twice on 9/11. At home in Queens, NY, 5/30/2006

Last page: NYPD Patrolman Chris Baumann was injured on 9/11 and had to retire on disability due to many injuries and illnesses. At home in Lindenhurst, NY, 5/26/2006.

First double page: FDNY Firefighter Tim Duffy arrived at the WTC after the first tower collapse on his Harley-Davidson. He got buried in the second tower collapse and can no longer work as a firefighter.
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