Clubs and Discos

Photographs ©2001 Allan Tannenbaum

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82 Club Appolonia.jpg 

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82 Club Girlfriends.jpg 

82 Club Here I Am.jpg 

82 Club Patti Smith Robert Mapplethorpe.jpg 

Bonds Fountains.jpg 

Bonds Lasers.jpg 

Copacabana Decadence.jpg 

Danceteria Dancing.jpg 

Danceteria Rolling Stones.jpg 

Hurrah Dancers.jpg 
Dancers at Infinity Disco, NYC 11/75
Infinity Disco.jpg 

Le Jardin Coverall.jpg 

Le Jardin Ponytime.jpg 
Dancers at Le Jardin Disco NYC 5/1974<br>0167 SWN SoHo Blues<br>Visa pour L'Image
Le Jardin Tits Out.jpg 

Limelight Valerie Perrine.jpg 

Mudd Club Nude Hugo Performance.jpg 

Mudd Club Queens.jpg 

Mudd Club Twin Dancers.jpg 

Mudd Club Twister.jpg 

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Ritz Grace Jones.jpg 

Xenon Dancers.jpg 

Xenon Indian Maiden.jpg 

Xenon Neon 1.jpg 

Xenon Village People Valerie Perrine.jpg 
Allan Tannenbaum