Allan Tannenbaum's photographs are available as fine art prints which you can order easily from the online gallery. Subjects are mainly from work done for the SoHo Weekly News, 1973 - 1982, such as John Lennon, Nightlife, and Punk Rock. Other aspects of this period, such as New York City scenes including the World Trade Center, are constantly being added to the gallery.
Post SoHo work is also being made available online, including jazz, rock, and, by popular demand, scenes from 9/11. The prints are available as large signed limited edition archival prints, and as small signed unlimited edition archival prints. Special orders can be requested by email from the gallery site. Use your Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx.
In 1997, over 50 prints from SoHo Blues were exhibited at the prestigious Visa Pour L'Image festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, France. SoHo Blues received rave reviews in Le Monde and Liberation. Here are some scenes from that exhibition.
"With passion he points his camera to the parties at Le Jardin, The Mudd Club, and Studio 54, aware that he is lucky to be living this moment." Liberation, Paris, September 6, 1997
Purchase two limited edition fine art prints and receive at no charge a signed unlimited edition 4 X 6 print of your choice - a value of up to $125.00.