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S54 Yeah Baby.jpg 

S54 Wonder Woman.jpg 

S54 View Starburst.jpg 

S54 View DJ.jpg 

S54 Swingers.jpg 

S54 Spoon Dancers.jpg 

S54 Shirt Off.jpg 

S54 Sat Nite Fever Vert.jpg 

S54 Sat Nite Fever.jpg 

S54 Rubell Rope Line.jpg 

S54 Rubell And Schrager.jpg 

S54 Red Blue View.jpg 

S54 Rain in Vain.jpg 

S54 Punk Slashers.jpg 

S54 Piggyback Dancers.jpg 

S54 Outside Look At Me.jpg 

S54 Outside Desperation Rubell.jpg 

S54 Outside Desperation.jpg 

S54 Nude Dancing Couple.jpg 

S54 Moon Spoon.jpg 

S54 Masked Dancers.jpg 

S54 Maggie Trudeau Bus Boy Felice.jpg 

S54 Maggie Trudeau Bus Boy Bump.jpg 

S54 Maggie Trudeau Bus Boy Arms.jpg 
Allan Tannenbaum