SoHo Blues - Photography by Allan Tannenbaum - Capabilities

Equipment & Technical Resources:

Digital Cameras: We are now equiped with the new Canon EOS 5D Mk II, EOS 5D, and EOS-1D Digital Cameras for tight deadline or web assignments.
35mm Cameras & Lenses: We use Canon EOS bodies and have a range of lenses from ultra wide to super telephoto. We have Canon strobes and Lumedyne battery packs for rapid recycling., and Balcar strobes for studio lighting.
Video equipment: Canon XH-A1S High Definition camcorder, shotgun and wireless microphones, Canon EOS 5D Mk II system, Final Cut Pro editing.
6X6 Medium Format: We use Hasselblad bodies and lenses including a fisheye lens for totally round images.
Underwater: We use Nikonos bodies and lenses, Ikelite strobes; PADI advanced open water certification.
Digital Workstations: One mobile MacBook Pro; one Mac Pro and one Pentium Xeon Dual bases with one Nikon 5000ED scanner and two Polaroid Sprintscan 4000 scanners capable of 55 MB files from 35mm originals, Turbo Cable and FTP for rapid uploads, CD burning, Web Galleries,. We now use Canon ImageProGraf 6100 and 8100 printers for archival color & monochrome prints up to 44" wide.
Other info: Studio and portable strobe and tungsten lighting equipment; ringflash; portrait studio and b/w photolab in Tribeca; Subaru Outback Wagon with NYP plates; NYC & UN press acreditation; White House clearance.