September 11, 2001 Before, During, and After

Historical Photos of the World Trade Center, 9/11, Recovery & Rebirth

A.T. 9/11/2001
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Historical Photos of the Twin Towers
9/11 Terrorist WTC Attack Web Photo Gallery
The Towers of Light
Photo Slide Show
More 9/11 Photographs
Final Tributes
Life in New York City after 9/12/2001
9/11 Publications
Homeland Defense: Operation Noble Eagle
September 11, 2002
9/11 Family Memorial
September 11, 2005
Daniel Libeskind, winner of rebuilding design competition
Victims' Families Rally 9/10/2005
Ground Zero 2005
9/11 Responders Rally 2006
9/11 Walk to Remember 2006
Tribute in Lights 2006
9/11 Memorial Rally WTC 9/11 Cross Move World Trade Center 7 Opens
WTC Preservation Hangar 17 WTC First Beam Signing WTC Site First Construction
9/11 Victims Families JPAC Rally Senators, Reps, and Responders Call for Funds at GZ 9/11 Candlelight Vigil for Health
Christie Todd Whitman Testifies in Washington September 11,2007

9/11 Health Rally at Ground Zero
September 11, 2003 September 11, 2006 Scenes Pro-Troops Rally
Footprints Demonstration Ceremony of Remembrance WTC Site Design Competition
WTC Site Design Libeskind Wins WTC Site Memorial Finalists WTC Memorial Unveiled
WTC Memorial Details WTC Memorial Reaches $101 Million in Donations 7 WTC Topping Out Ceremony
WTC Cultural Center Unveiled Freedom Tower Unveiling Freedom Tower Cornerstone
World Trade Center Terror Attack 1993 WTC Construction at Dusk 9/11 Health Rally at the U.S. Capitol 2008
Video of A.T. on 9/11 9/11- A Personal Note 9/11 Healthnow Interview
WTC Memorial First Steel 9/11 7th Anniversary
Our dear friend and colleague Bill Biggart lost his life covering the attacks on 9/11. Please click above to read about him and view his last photographs.
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Allan Tannenbaum's second book contains chapters on 9/11 and Post-9/11
Thanks to Diogo de Oliveira for taking my film to Time Magazine on 9/11/2001